Forever Young, Forever Healthy

Forever Young, Forever Healthy.

We all want to look Young and be Healthy, and it seems in many cases that the older we become our age and our health shows us differently. Many years ago I started a kind of regime that when I wake up in the morning, I shave, and while this is happening I have coconut oil softning in the wash basin. When I have finished shaving I then massage my whole body with the oil. What this does is to get the lympth flowing through the body starting to build up the immune system, then I shower. With regular massage the body does look younger and you are more healthy by letting go of tension and toxins in the body. If my memory serves me right, one of my Mentors - DeePak Chopra told me that the body regenerates completely every 5 - 7 years, if that's the case then why does body take on the 'diseases'?

The Body Completely Regenerates Every 5- 7 Years.

The answer to that questions is that your body holds memory, so when regeneration takes place, unless work has been done to change the cell memory then the body will take on that 'disease' which could be from back pain to serious illnesses like cancers etc. As mentioned earlier, thoughts are powerful, so think positive thoughts, be with positive people, be positive in all that you do to stay Forever Young, Forever Healthy.

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