Flexible Mind, Flexible Body

Flexible Mind, Flexible Body

It is written that a Flexible Mind will give you a Flexible Body and it follows that what you think you will become. The pose shown here looks quite impressive, and it is, flexibility is needed in the shoulder to get to this point and strength is needed to maintain it. The more practice you do the more the body becomes more supple, flexible and strong. Unfortunately when we see a pose like this there tends to be an automatic response and usually it's a negative one - like "I can't do that!" or something similar. However if you ask yourself a better question, like "I wonder how I can do that?" Now you've opened up your mind and the possibility to doing something towards this pose, and you never know what you can do until you try.

If You say You Can, You Can, If You say You Can't Your Absolutely Right.

It's a state of attitude, remember earlier - what you think you become? Your thoughts are extremely powerful so we need to be mindful and aware of how we speak - externally and internally. Have you noticed how many 'negatives' you say when you speak? And how many 'positives' do say when your talking to others? And also what is your internal dialogue? Do you beat yourself up with negative thoughts like "I can't do that" or do you think "Mmm I wonder what I can do?" Just imagine you have a pendant hanging from your neck, one side says PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) the other side says NMA (Negative Mental Attitude). Which is yours now?

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