Tips About Class

Peace-150x112CLASSES ARE SUITABLE for students with injuries, recently back from surgery or pregnant.  Inform us if you have any of these affecting your body.

NO ONE expects you to do anything during the class but breathe, if you can handle  that you are good to go!

ONCE YOU step into the space you are embarking into a space that is non-judgemental, critical, or forceful.  To make your experience more pleasant please drop these at the door.

BE READY for anything…this practice is a workout on your body and mind.

We are not your average yoga studio so our descriptions on the surface may seem vague and unclear but once you walk into class at the studio everything will fall into place.

YES!  There is a way to practice yoga that is also safe.

At our studio we care loads about you as a yoga student.  Yes, we make you fill out this form that asks oodles of questions about your injuries, your smoking history, how much caffeine you drink etc.

This allows us to ensure class is safe for you.  While you are on the mat you are under our care and we will do everything in our power to guide you and help you.

Yoga Teaching with Glen is here to teach YOGA.When we started I was taught Iyengar yoga, then went on throuth the years trying many disciplines, Drew, Anusara … and then developd my own style. I have engaged in many forms of yoga in an accessible manner that anyone can do if they give themselves a chance.

PREGNANT STUDENTS: YES!  You may take any class labeled beginner, basics, or community.  If you are brand new to yoga and have never done it and are starting it while pregnant let us know… we can accommodate you.  All our yoga teachers are well trained in instructing women in the process of bringing new life to our world!

ARE YOU INJURED? There are many myths surrounding this style of yoga that you can’t do it while injured.  Baloney! We practice here with broken bones, torn hamstrings, fused vertebrae, slipped discs, damaged feet, torn meniscus, you name it we have a modification for it. You just gotta be willing to not care about what anyone else thinks & trust us,  if anyone watches we make sure they find something more interesting than you to look at!  :0)

WATER: YES- you may drink water.  NO not during a pose.  You must stop take rest then drink then rest then join us. It is best to come to class well hydrated.

FOOD: Do not eat heavy meals before class, only fruits etc.

We are all focused on one thing- to make you feel good AND having fun!.

To partake in a yoga class with these high class teachers is to submerse yourself into a world of dedication and total bliss.  If you are in search of living well, superior health and total well being… your search ends here at the Yoga Teaching with Glen.