Lower-Back-Pain-Dvd-Single-150x150This Dvd is specially designed for those with Lower Back Pain, an excellent guide to aid your to healing. Regular practice will help keep your lower back flexible, strong and healthy.

Lower Back Pain Dvd Value£18

Neck-and-Shoulder-Dvd-Single-150x150A Dvd specially designed for Neck and Shoulders a great addition to the Lower Back Pain dvd. Following the guide in this dvd will help keep your Neck and Shoulders free from tension and build up muscle strength.

Neck and Shoulder Dvd Value £16

 12-Audio-Set-Cd-Single-150x150This 12 audio Cd set is a really good start to your yoga practice. By doing regular stretching or Yoga exercises you can look forward to benefits for your whole body. Practicing Yoga exercises can lead to improved bone density, improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure. These exercises could also help you maintain a healthy weight - and even lose weight! You'll find your bones and joints feel heathier. the exercises we cover in our Cd's could also help you sleep better. And because Yoga and stretching exercises are powerful and gentle, they are ideal as post-surgery exercises

12 Day Audio Cd Set Value£127

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Intro-Cd-Single-150x150An Introduction to Yoga Cd covering morning, driving and evening exercise to help free your back, neck and shoulder pain and general stiffness in the body. A good intro to yoga to improve your body, mind and soul, giving you health in the body, joy in the heart and peace in the mind. Namaste

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