Success Stories

Why Glen?





I always enjoy yoga with Glen. The classes offer lots of variety (and fun) and Glen really encourages you to take each pose as far as you can. Although I sometimes ache afterward it's very good for my body and I recommend trying it.

Ann Davis. Wiltshire, UK,

Hi Glen

As always a fantastic class last night (aching VERY well today!!!). I feel so much better since starting yoga with you and welcome anything that will further improve this.

Joining Glen’s yoga class is the best thing I have done in years! After my first session I was hooked and I am now a devotee!

Yoga has brought so much peace and joy to my life - I look forward to Glen’s class all week. It nourishes my mind and spirit as well as my body. Even my kids have said that I am “happier” since starting Yoga with Glen!

Glen is a wonderful teacher, always considerate of his students and his classes are invigorating, relaxing, intense, challenging and fun.

Many thanks


Lisa Meadon. Wiltshire, UK,

"What I enjoy about yoga, is that it's very relaxing and it helps me de-stress. It's challenging, but also enjoyable.

I've been going for a month now and all the stretches, poses that we do helps a lot with my body. =] It helps you feel  more comfortable with yourself. Although it's hard work, it's so worth it! =]"

Lauren Reid. Wiltshire, UK,

What I enjoy about yoga is that it relaxes me. It's a challenge and enjoyable, I like all the different stretches and poses we get to do, it's hard work but practice makes perfection.

Mrs Jessica Harrison. Wiltshire, UK,